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The Stuff You Should Know About Talents

Episode Summary

Guest today! It’s Morgan Cottam. She’s an 18-year-old young woman with an incredible talent for singing. The Golden Nugget… You guessed it. A song by Morgan that has been passed down through her family. It didn’t have a name, so we’re calling it Beautiful Golden Frame. You’re gonna love it! Talents. They are a gift from God and our gift back to Him is our use of it. Our talents are given to us to grow and use for good. Talents can be anything from singing and drawing to being a graceful receiver or to have a knack for good judgment and the aura that draws others to you for counsel. Our talents tend to be things others compliment us on or things we feel passionate about and that we have joy doing—that enable us to connect with and to bless others. That is key. Talents are for us to use to connect with and to bless others. Remember that!

Episode Notes

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Song by @MorganCottam: Beautiful Golden Frame. Check her out on IG! She's got a single on iTunes and Amazon Music called "The Ocean in Me." It's amazing! Check it out and buy it!