The Stuff Life is Made Of

The Stuff That Love Can Do

Episode Summary

We’ve got a guest speaker today! Holley Cottam. Holley is an RN and a good friend. But, she is the voice of inspiration and experience. Did I mention she has the most wonderful voice! Listen! What can love do? Ask yourself this question. Love has the power to save (John 3:16). Love is the whole point of our life experience here on this earth. All things tie into love. And, love is always the right answer. We can choose to use fear or love. But, love always generates the right outcome. It’s always easier in the aftermath. Love brings almost inevitable change. We just have to wait on it. Love is simple, but vast in its reach and often complex to apply in our lives. It feels hard to do but always rewards us in the long-run. Love is the means of change (Romans 8:37-39). Fear and pride are often masks that try to act like love, but the results reveal that they aren’t love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (look this up). Love sometimes lets us fail and mess up and suffer and fall on our butt, because love makes room for these experiences so that we can learn. Love makes enough room.

Episode Notes

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